Clear Cleansing Oil (Acne + Oily + Scarred Skin)

Clear Cleansing Oil (Acne + Oily + Scarred Skin)

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Clear Cleansing Oil is the perfect face wash for oily, acne prone and/or scarred skin. If you have this type of skin, you've likely been led to believe that you should do everything to rid your face of oil. This is the OPPOSITE of what you should do. Our skin naturally produces oils that protect itself and when we wash those oils away, the skin produces even MORE. This is causes excess oil production.

Oil cleansing infuses your skin with deeply penetrating oils that remove grime, dirt and the bacteria that leads to acne. Using a cleansing oil not only deeply cleans the skin, it balances oil production.

How to oil cleanse:

  1. Drop a full pump of oil into your clean hands. 
  2. Massage the oil all over the face and neck, give that face a massage!
  3. You can even use it on your eyes to remove makeup.
  4. After about two minutes, run a washcloth under hot water.
  5. Steam your face with it.
  6. Wash away the makeup, oil, dirt and grime.
  7. Enjoy the softest, cleanest, dewy-est skin of your life!

Ingredients: organic castor oil, organic jojoba oil, organic olive oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about trying this. I have always had problems with acne on and off and my skin being oily so the idea of putting oil on my skin seemed odd at first but it makes sense. I finally feel like my skin gets completely clean and feels soooo smooth and refreshed. I have used this consistently every night and went one night without it just to see how my skin would do and it definitely makes a difference! I also use the toner, serum and moisturizer and my face is pretty oily when I go to bed but in the morning I don’t wake up with oily skin whereas with my old facials cleaner I would get really oily skin in the morning. I highly recommend this product! Im purchasing my 2nd bottle today and will continue to use this.

Terri Yilmaz

I never thought my skin could look so good, but it does!! Very thankful!

Abby L
So thankful for this product

I consistently break out, especially right now with wearing masks on my 12hr shifts, and then of course during my period. This product along with the toner and moisturizer has helped me a lot- I’ve been on it X2months so far and can tell a big difference. Not only am I breaking out less, but when I do (inevitably during my peak in hormones lol) it is noticeably less than usual! I definitely recommend and look forward to using it daily as it makes my skin feel so good! I feel healthier using this product as well. ❤️

Shelbi Ercanbrack

Clear Cleansing Oil (Acne + Oily + Scarred Skin)

Zach Martinez

Really great product along with the toner and moisturizer. I have been on two cycles of accutane and took every antibiotic ending in cycline. Not to mention all the topical gels and creams that left my face red like I was constantly drinking booze everyday all day.

I found that diet was my issue and not stripping my face with harsh cleansers gave me good LONG TERM results.

Please give these products a chance. I know how much of a mind f**k it can be to use oil cleansers on a greasy acne face, but it actually works.