Essential Oils


Before I learned about essential oils, I simply thought they were oils that smelled good. I didn’t know they could improve my anxious feelings. I didn’t know they could clear my skin. I didn’t know they could balance my hormones. I didn’t know they could boost my mood. I didn’t know they could ease sore muscles.

I always believed in a healthy lifestyle, but I had no idea that I could drastically improve my health and quality of life with essential oils.

Essential oils can:

  • balance hormones
  • clear skin
  • reduce stress
  • improve anxiety
  • assist weight loss
  • detoxify
  • increase energy
  • relieve headaches
  • improve sore muscles and joints
  • be used to make homemade deodorant, face wash, toner, shampoo, condition, cleaning products, candles, potpourri, lip balm, skin support and so much more
  • remedy nausea
  • boost the immune system
  • protect against seasonal threats

Growing up, our medicine cabinet was approximately the size of Rhode Island. That thing was huge. Got a cough? Take a pill. Got a stomach ache? Take a pill. Pounding head? Take a pill. The answer for everything in my house was to take a pill, and a variety of them. But what if you could use oils, which are safe and effective – even for kids? What if you just needed a few drops of oils totaling under 30 cents total for each of the symptoms I just listed?

While you can’t take one pill for a cough, a stomach ache and a pounding head, you can use one essential oil for all three – peppermint. Oils are no one trick pony. I just easily solved three common household problems with a few drops of oil that literally costs pennies. What else can do that (and still be safe for kids)?

Ancestral Organics essential oil blends are potent, natural remedies that work. They're pre-diluted and safer than any prescription drug on the market.