Lavender Sugar Scrub

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Lavender Sugar Scrub
  • $ 17.00

This is one thing you could not pay me to take out of my shower regimen. It helps keep my skin moisturized, bump free and I just simply couldn't live without it. It gets rid of dead skin cells while deeply hydrating. Just scrub all over dry or damp skin, rinse & pat dry.


*Sugar - Scrubs away all those pesky dead skin cells. 

*Coconut oil - helps to naturally clear away dirt and dead skin cells which allows for a healthier complexion. Also a great moisturizer.

*Jojoba oil - is easily absorbed and deeply moisturizing. It also has antibacterial properties, inhibiting acne.

Certified pure lavender essential oil - improves eczema and psoriasis and helps restore skin complexion and reduces acne.

*denotes organic ingredient 

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